Verification of documents

Started the day late as all of us couldn’t wake up early since we were busying playing L4D2 till 4am. It was intense! We were determined to pass the final stage even though we died 3 times and we were just playing at Easy Mode.

So anyways, after submitting an online application to SIM, we are still required to go down and verify our documents. upon reaching SIM, we proceed to Blk A Level 2, Student Recruitment & Payment Office to verify our documents. They only needed the O’Levels certificate, polytechnic transcript and Identity Card. We barely had to wait since there was no one in front of us. No worries if your documents wasn’t properly scanned as the staff there will help to re-scan if there’s any problem. They are quite friendly. I was told that my O’level cert looks a bit cropped, so the lady re-scanned for me. The whole process only took 5 mins or so.

Afterwards, we headed to the canteen. Apparently, there’s only like 2 canteens???  The food choices a bit limited ah. Maybe I would just go home straight after my lecture ends because there’s nothing to do in school. Hahah maybe I would not have any friends too. Kinda hard to socialize in lectures.



Application to UOL

After dragging it for so long, I finally managed to submit my university application. It was a hard decision to decide on what course to major in rather than which school to choose as I only had one choice in mind. University of London (UOL) was my chosen choice of university as many have said that the ranking for the school is quite good and that the certificate is more recognized and so I chose it. I know, it’s quite superficial but since my results fall short to the top 3 university in Singapore, I wanted to remain competitive. Haaha regretted not studying harder. I was so involved in CCA during year 1 and year 2. But the experiences gained were so wonderful, kinda missed it now that I’ve graduated. I did try my luck in applying for those though, but there wasn’t any news thereafter. Hahhah so obviously I didn’t make the cut which sucks even though I knew they wouldn’t accept me from the moment I applied. Hhaha just trying my luck. If I studied at UOL, I can get exemptions up to 5 subjects if I passed the bridging course of Mathematics and Economics (Hopefully I will.) Then I would only have to take 8 subjects, which means a 2 year uni-course.

In case you’re wondering, I applied to UOL at SIM-GE. SIM is a private university but they have many programmes offered by foreign university. Not to be confused by UNISIM, which is also by SIM. I heard that UNISIM is going to be a local university which is a good news as I think that the school fees will be cheaper since the government will subsidize. However, the school fees might be similar to the private universities since the school fees are based on the number of modules that you take and local university would require more subject. Some of the subjects are not relevant to your course but you still got to study those. Hahaha another major decision for me to choose SIMGE (UOL) over UNISIM is that UOL programmes have Direct Honours. Honours is just something extra lor, like a ‘additional certificate’. Think of it similar to Diploma with Merit. HHAHA it’s nothing much but good to have. HAHHA Aiming for First-Class Honours which I’m not confident in getting. lol. Probably super motivated now but when school starts, I no feels to study anymore.

I think that the SIMGE website is super confusing!! Sometimes I can’t find the answer that I’m looking for. It’s frustrating at times. For example:


Like omg, can you tell me what’s the course requirements in English and Mathematics at the same place? Tolong. I read through the entire webpage but I can’t find it. Took me a long time before I found the answer. Not surprised if I wasted an hour of my time. Sighpie.

Blog 2.PNG

Thankfully I managed to find it. (It’s at the brochure there).