Daily Vlog?

Hey guys, so I am pondering if I should do a daily vlog when I am in Korea. And the question is whether to talk in vlogs or not. I would prefer watching a travel vlog that gives details on the locations, feelings, review of the places etc rather than just showing the places visit without any information provided to the audience so that they can actually know how to get there if they are interested. But one thing that I am afraid of is that I appear awkward on camera. My sentence might just have lots of grammar errors or my voice sounded weird or I look ugly. You know, all those kinds of negative stuff. But sometimes I would tell myself to just be myself. I know this is kinda contradicting but yes, that’s how my brain works. This is why I can never have a conclusion cause I ended up analyzing the pros and cons with equal weightage given to both. Sigh. Maybe I should just do everything la, daily vlogs, summary of the trip, talk and don’t talk and see how it goes. Who knows, I might have a lot of footage but I don’t have the mood or time to edit. Hhahaha. Bless my soul.

On a side note, I’m flying off in a weeks time and I’m so hyped up for it! A month before my trip I wanna make a lot of preparation such as learning Korean, deciding on my daily fashion, plan the kind of videos to take, thinking of what silly dance to do in the middle of the street and also silly videos. But………..I didn’t really plan any of those and now I’m only left with a week. HAHHA I kind of expected this outcome la.

Korean Won is so weak now! I’m so frustrated at myself for not paying attention to the rates and I let my feelings come into play. Whenever it drops, I took the wait and see approach, hoping that it will go back up because I’m so unwilling to settle for 800 plus. I kind of beat myself up everyday because I let the 833 Krw rate slip past me. And now all it ever goes is down….like the economy. Currently 795 Krw. FML. I guess I cannot play with stocks next time too. Hhahaha

I read some tips online on Travel Vlogs!

  1. Don’t flim everything
  2. Central vlogs around an activity or place
  3. Keep videos short and succinct
  4. Don’t be afraid to show more of yourself
  5. Include other people in your vlogs
  6. Show things from your point of view
  7. Start your video with an establishing shot
  8. Keep your videos stable, not shaky
  9. Avoid fliming with a lot of wind or background noises
  10. Choose good music that accentuates the mood of your video
  11. Put your vlog aside for a while then re-evaluate
  12. Watch other travel vlog

Credit Flying Chalks Website