Often do you hear people saying that secondary school friends are the best and they are the ones that will stay forever as well, which I agree with. Back then when we were secondary school kids, we barely cared about anything. (Well we do have things like family etc to care about, but the point is to emphasize how carefree we are).

Knowing each other since the age that we do all sorts of dumb things in school like splashing each other with water, playing catching, laughing at the simplest no sense things. I remembered when we were in the toilet together, the ones that are done would splash water at the ones who are not done while we were waiting and tell them to hurry up. Then you can hear the ones in the toilet going “oi”. It’s like raining indoors. We didn’t make the floor wet, so nope, the cleaner didn’t have a hard time.

Anyways, being so comfortable with each other means we would just be ourselves. Not afraid of being judged by the public. I mean like if I did the same things now, just that I’m with my university friends for instance, I would get judged so badly. People will be like “wtf are you doing”.  Perhaps until now we are still as young as before. When we meet up, we really do silly things. It’s so easy to be happy. We have the joy of a kid. We can go into the toy store and get fascinated with the stuff there. I can’t imagine what my colleagues reaction would be if I saw a playground nearby and I ask them, can we go to the playground for a while. HAHAHHA unless they wanna play with me la.

Last night after we meet up for dinner and went shopping, we head over to the nearby playground because they told me that there are swings. Who doesn’t love swings? It was such a fun moment playing at the playground. You could hear screams, laughter filling the air. That pure joy. Maybe because we dumb af also la. Play until so hiong also, how to not scream. We were Shoooook leh. So intense. I miss them a lot now that i’m not with them. Omg we need to stop being so needy.


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