The Wait

Don’t you ever wonder how much time in our lives do we spend waiting?

Waiting for the bus, waiting for your friend who is always late, waiting for your favorite show to air etc…….. Those waiting time are somehow just a waste of time if we are not doing anything other than waiting.

All you do is just stare at space, letting your thoughts run wild. Perhaps thinking of what to have for dinner later. Either way, you have some time to yourself and just be selfish with your feelings. After all, who is there to judge your thoughts other than yourself. It can be exhausting on your mental health to overthink but I just can’t help it.


Eve of Christmas

Feeling so empty this year for Christmas.

2015 is coming to an end as well and it just doesn’t seems so real. As much  as I wish for time to slow down so that I can spend more time with my family and friends, time doesn’t work that way. In fact I have so much worries for 2016 before it even begins. That whole new year feels. In a blink of an eye, this year can end and hello 2016. That 1 second is determining everything. I’m so sad that it has to end when I haven’t even got the chance to live my life fully, you know, so that everyday will be well spend. I wonder what the future holds for me.

Just that night, we had  a thrash talk and it got me saying too much of what I really felt deep down inside, just that I didn’t not say it in details….It’s like what answer am I seeking from this talk? I just don’t know. The rage inside me has already been unleashed that I find it pointless to repeat. My hope for 2016, PASSION to make me stay alive here. The bond within us should be strong as ever.